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Автор Тема: Sunyata - Spiritual Dimensions (2010 Redux)  (Прочитано 2457 раз)

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Sunyata - Spiritual Dimensions (2010 Redux)
« : 16 Июль 2010, 21:23:38 »

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Sunyata - Spiritual Dimensions (2010 Redux)

Tales From Outer Space, Intro By Imba
Moondawn, By Ethereal
Kundalini: The Cosmic Anaconda, By Primal Source
The Sitting Goddess, By Dhamasuta
Oblivion, By California Sunshine
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24db, By Radical Distortion
Lunar Effect, By Merr0w
Eternal Sunrise, By CoaGoa
Ultima Energica, By Ra
The Ancestors, By Artifact303
Linked Souls, By Cyberion
Second Coming, By Liquid Flow
Journey Through Acid, By Afgin
Desert Wind, By Travma
Liquid Soul, By Goasia
Dharmakaya, By Alienapia
Dream Flow Controls, By Landscape Observer
Take Flight (Cosmosis Mix), By Cosmosis And Avalon
Trans Neptunian Objects, By E-Mantra
Influence Your Dreams, By Artifact303

The teaching on the emptiness of all phenomena is a core basis of Buddhist philosophy.
Sunyata signifies that everything one encounters in life is empty of absolute identity, permanence, or an in-dwelling 'self'. This is because everything is inter-related and mutually dependent - never wholly self-sufficient or independent. All things are in a state of constant flux where energy and information are forever flowing throughout the natural world giving rise to and themselves undergoing major transformations with the passage of time.


Release/catalogue number: OPRJCD06
Release date: Aug 15, 2009