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Ambient Collective: Places Of Importance
« : 10 Октябрь 2008, 23:59:33 »

Thanks to all who contributed to this most personal of Ambient Collective albums.
Dec 8th update: An extra track from Not Your Average Hippy has been added.

Update: Please note that I made some errors on the initial tray image. Please download the correct one below. Sorry all!

Here is the list of chosen places, in geographical order going west from the IDL. (This data is available in HTML below)

1) Somnarium (aka Michael Meara)"Tidal" Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia 
Web: http://www.sonicjourney.com

2) jujigen (aka Kevin Rees) "Urban Oasis" Yodogawa, Osaka, Japan.
Location: Osaka, Japan
Web: http://www.kevinrees.me.uk 

3) Silvercord  "Boracay" Boracay Island, Philppines
Location: South Korea/USA
Web: http://www.silvercordproject.com - http://silvercord.millim.com (for Koreans)
Email: geoffnostrant@gmail.com

4) tf-drone "Return For Winter's Solstice"  Utakleiv, Norway
Web: http://www.matucana.de/

5) Hovmod "Buslett" Nerskogen, Norway 

6) Phrozenlight "Haren; A Place Where Dreams Become Reality" Haren, Netherlands
Location: Haren, The Netherlands
Website: http://www.phrozenlight.tk
Email: phrozenlight@gmail.com

7) Anaboat (ak.a Philippe Chavaroche) "Le Griou Travel" Cantal Mountains, France
Web: http://www.philippechavaroche.com/

8 ) Music First (aka stevethekeys aka Steve Gane) "The Rise"  Michaelston-y-fedw, Wales, UK
location: Swansea, UK.
Web: http://www.myspace.com/musicfirst1
Email: steve0gane@aol.com

9) Bluejooz "The Sufr At Abersoch"  Abersoch, Wales, UK
Location: Wales, UK
Web: http://www.bluejooz.com

10) Altus "Home Away From Home" Berwick, Ontario, Canada
location: Canada
Web: http://www.altusmusic.ca

11) usr/sbin (aka Dennis Moser) "Somewhere Above The Cloud Canyons, Between Milawukee and Dallas"
location: Providence Rhode Island, USA
Web: http://usrslashsbin.angrek.com/audio
Email: alfonso.el.sabio@gmail.com
12)Gregg Plummer  "Ocean Abyss"  Monterey Bay, California, USA
location: USA
Web: http://www.greggwerx.com
Email: gplummer@greggwerx.com

13) Not Your Average Hippy "Clear Lake - The Sounds Of Fall"

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