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Автор Тема: V/A - Javanese Peacock (Arkona Creation rec) 2011  (Прочитано 2553 раз)

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V/A - Javanese Peacock (Arkona Creation rec) 2011
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Label: Arkona Creation
Format: CD
Release Date: 2011-07-08
Genre: Progressive   
Catalogue Number: ARKNCD004CD

Ancient alchemists used the symbol of the peacock in specific ways reflecting it's esoteric content. The essential thing about peacocks is that they, having as their domain the air element, mediate between the earthly realm and the heavenly world. The alchemist in observing the flight of birds recognised in them a picture of the human soul undergoing spiritual development. The soul, aspiring upwards and flying free of the restraints of the earth bound body, seeks the heavenly light only to have to return tothe earthly consciousness again after the meditation - the alchemist symbolised by the bird.

1. Kained and Able  - Warped village
2. Project Sketch  -  Left is right
3. Pradox  -  Forms
4. Bassid  -  Drumdefactory
5. Anix Gleo  -  Fantomas Non Stop
6. Portal Protection  -  Psyrium
7. Luminexia  -  Groover
8. Triphonic  -  Digebass
9. Trollwood  -  Dream

Pre listening: http://arkona-creation.bandcamp.com/

Compiled by Zooch.
mastered by Colin Benunn @ The Stooodio, Bristol/UK
artwork by Anix Gleo, Moscow/Russia
more info:
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