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Название: Skygravity records
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Skygravity records

SkyGravity Records is the first Ukrainian record label specializing in psychedelic trance music.
It is was founded in Ukraine in 2006 by Semi-Conductors promo group with experience from party organizing since 2001.
Skygravity records based in Kiev city Ukraine in the Skygravity Studio.

Its first CD (and the first Ukrainian psy compilation at once) was released July, 11, 2006 by the name ‘Skygravity'.
Second CD was released in 2007 with name 'VA Skygravity Vol.2 - Solar System', third CD was released in 2009 with the name
'VA - Skygravity Vol.3 - Monatomic Substance [MFKZT]' and fourth CD was released in 2010 with name 'VA Urban Forest'

Now Skygravity records make a new comilation with night style psytrance artists like Overdream, Ocelot, Wizack Twizack and many more...

Also we make Skygravity festival from 2005 in Crimea peninsula but it is another history ))
For more information please visit our web site's or myspace.

www.skygravity-records.com (http://www.skygravity-records.com)
www.myspace.com/skygravityrec (http://www.myspace.com/skygravityrec)

www.skygravity.org (http://www.skygravity.org)
http://www.myspace.com/skygravityfestival (http://www.myspace.com/skygravityfestival)
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