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Название: Mighty Quinn Records
Отправлено: robotic от 21 Август 2008, 22:29:06
M.Q.R. - Mighty Quinn Records was born in Tokyo in 2006. The label was formed by two good friends Niki from Russia and Toshi from Japan, and is based in Tokyo. Niki and Toshi for many years were researching, listening and developing a private and very unique choice of sounds. With the knowledge they had acquired about DJ’ing  and tremendous amount of different music styles, The partners decided quickly to keep it simple and Mighty Quinn Records was developed and created out of our respect for music and the people who make it. Our goal is and will be to release psychedelic music by quality artists that have not yet been released, or just had a few releases on some other labels. We want to make sure that worthy underground tracks of trance music are released and heard by the people who support the scene and the psy-movement. We also and always plan to release new upcoming artists who we believe should be heard. Mighty Quinn is committed to providing the best possible quality sound for the sake of both the listener and the artists.

New information:

Our Future Plans are to release a various artist compilation #3 called “The Invisible Hand”, sometime in summer 2008. It will Feature some of our old favorites and previously unheard artists. As well as the albums of few very close friends, who prefer to remained unidentified for now, until their productions is ready!!! This should follow up sometime in 2008.
Much Love from the Mighty Quinn Family and Thank you for all your support!!!! Keepin’ it Real!!!

Stay in touch with M.Q.R.

In case a promoter or an organizer is interested in booking any of Mighty Quinn records Artists or DJs bookings please contact the label directly, and we will respond you shortly. For any other information/question such as new artists promo work, please don’t hesitate to write to: mightyquinnrec@gmail.com

www.mightyquinnrecords.com (http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com)
www.myspace.com/mightyquinnrec (http://www.myspace.com/mightyquinnrec)
Название: Re: Mighty Quinn Records
Отправлено: Mighty-Quinn Records от 25 Май 2012, 10:33:36

Hello, Niki in da house!!!!
New Info :   
http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/eye_of_the_beholder.html (http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/eye_of_the_beholder.html)
http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/red_audio_drama.html (http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/red_audio_drama.html)
http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/somatic%20frenzy.html (http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/somatic%20frenzy.html)
http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/non%20fiction01.html (http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/non%20fiction01.html)
http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/invisible%20hand.html (http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/invisible%20hand.html)
http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/beauty%20and%20the%20beast.html (http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/beauty%20and%20the%20beast.html)
http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/royal%20straight%20flush.html (http://www.mightyquinnrecords.com/royal%20straight%20flush.html)

I will inform you about new upcoming releases on this forum from now on!!!